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  • What is Junk Me About?

    We are a professional junk removal company serving a variety of customers ranging from residential and trade customers, construction customers including builders, renovators, painters and decorators, estate agents, housing associations, printers, manufacturing, warehousing companies and corporate clients. We provide free labour to lift, pack and charge a fee for the disposal of items that our customers no longer need like papers, boxes, construction and demolition debris, chairs, garden refuse etc. Our rates depend on the volume of junk that occupies our trucks, weight based depending on the material and the time involved in doing the loading.
  • What waste materials do you take?

    DEMOLITION DEBRIS shed, kitchen, bathroom, garage, deck
    CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS, lumber, wood ends, tiling, renovation debris
    CONSTRUCTION MISCELLANEOUS, construction site debris, papers, cardboards, metal pieces
    SOIL, from yard, garden, from light demolition/renovation
    CONCRETE, patio, gravel, stones, home improvements debris
    WOOD, fencing, firewood, lumber etc
    GARDEN REFUSE, hedge clippings, branches, compost, grass
    ROOFING ITEMS, Cedar and Asphalt Shingles
    DRYWALL, wallboard, Drywall, wall papers, Sheetrock
    FURNITURE, Beds, chairs, couches, mattresses, cabinets etc
    OFFICE EQUIPMENT, chairs, table, computers, photocopiers, cabinet etc
    BASEMENT/GARAGE junk removal, books, boxes etc
    BRICK-A-BRAC, toys, cloths, shoes etc
    APPLIANCES, fridges, freezers, tvs etc
    FIRE & WATER damaged materials
  • What waste materials can’t you take?

    Chemicals, Solvents, Oils
    Oil drums, oil tanks
    Simply hazardous waste
  • Does your truck come with staff to do all the clearing, sweeping and loading the junk?

    Yes. Our truck come with a two man crew to do all the lifting, packing and loading the junk. You just sit and relax while job is done.
  • Do we have to arrange for a skip or container?

    No, the truck comes with all the equipments, small containers to do the job. We simply need a parking space for the truck and cart all the materials to it. Just sit and watch work done for you.
  • Do you provide the manpower to do all the lifting, carrying, loading and disposing?

  • Will you enter premises, yard, shed, basement, attic, office and house to take the items?

  • Will you take paints, batteries, solvents, oil, air containers, and substances considered hazardous?

    No. we are not licensed to carry those materials
  • Will you remove single items like a piece of furniture, office cabinet, fridge or freezer, faxes and photocopiers?

  • Do I have to place items in one location as requested by many junk removal companies?

    No. Junk Me removes everything from anywhere in the premises or property.
  • Will you clean out sheds, attics, basements, garages, yards and offer office debris clearance?

  • Do we have to supply any boxes, containers and bags?

    No. Our truck team are equipped with all the necessary aids to get the job done.
  • Do I have to pay for a full truck load even if the truck is not filled?

    No. You only pay for the space filled by the materials as charges are adjusted down according to its capacity/volume.
  • Why do I have to pay for the service?

    The truck team have to lift, load, clean up and cart the junk to the landfill, transfer stations or civic amenity sites. We pay taxes and disposal fees like any other waste disposal company.
  • What methods of payments do you accept?

    Major credit cards and debit cards. Checks if they are backed by cheque guarantee cards, Cash.
  • Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes. We offer discounts for some repeat businesses and trade customers.
  • How many days notice do I have to give to Junk Me before being serviced?

    Usually between 1 and 2 days notice is required, depending on the size of the job and the material involved. We request that plenty of room should be made when scheduling during the summer months and for some contract or larger jobs.
  • Can you provide immediate or same day booking service?

    Yes. If we can immediately make available the truck team and resources to do the work.
  • Do I need to be present at premises/location when you do the work?

    No. As long as we can access the junks to be removed under safe conditions, otherwise, with some premises considered unsafe and for security reasons one need to be present when we carry on with the work. For repeat businesses and contract works one needs not be present when junks are removed.
  • Do I have to make payments or do you require deposits in advance?

    No. we normally require a physical assessment of the materials, make a charge before payment is accepted. You could assist us by sending a picture of the junk by e-mailing us, you can book online by completing the service enquiry form.
  • What do you do with the junk?

    The materials are sent to a reprocessing facility to be recycled and then the unrecycled wastes are sent to landfill. Cans can be recycled into new aluminium and steel cans, Cardboard is recycled into new cardboard and chipboard products, paper is recycled into newsprint and other paper products, textiles are sorted, cleaned and passed to charities or recycled into industrial cloth. Junk Me tries as much as possible to adopt environmentally responsible junk disposal practices we always try to recycle or reuse some of the materials and donate some to charities.
  • Do you donate some of the items collected to charities?

    No, the truck comes with all the equipments, small containers to do the job. We simply need a parking space for the truck and cart all the materials to it. Just sit and watch work done for you.
  • Can you move my items from one location to another location?

    No. Due to the nature of our business we do not move goods for our customers as our vans could be dirty and we are not insured to do so.
  • Are you insured and licensed to carry waste?

    Yes. We are fully insured and licensed to carry waste by the local Authority.
  • Do we have to arrange for a skip or container?

    No, the truck comes with all the equipments, small containers to do the job. We simply need a parking space for the truck and cart all the materials to it. Just sit and watch work done for you.
  • Can you give me exact price or quotes over the phone?

    No. A physical assessment of the material has to be done as we cannot see the material over the phone we cannot give exact price. Since we offer a no obligation estimate, our truck team will confirm with you the charge/price before they start loading. Providing an e-mail picture of the junk, however, will assist in giving a price over the phone.
  • Do you undertake on-going construction light demolition and miscellaneous debris removal?

    Yes. We collect light demolition debris, concrete, bricks, builders rubble, metal & sheet wastes, plastics etc. We clean- up site to prevent you and your workers from the risk of accidents, certain dangers on sites and possible fines from the authorities. Our service help you save on junk removal by avoiding unnecessary hiring of skips helping you save some moneys and boosting your profits. We undertake work to suits one’s work Schedule. Contact us as soon as after demolition or if you require our service.
  • Do you undertake light demolition work?

    Unfortunately no, our truck team are only equipped to do the removal of waste and after demolition debris only.
  • Why would I use Junk Me service instead of a Skip?

    Our service includes all the lifting, loading and clean up of junk for you. We charge according to the volume that the material takes up in the truck. A flat fee is charged for the Skip regardless of what you put in it. A Skip hire could be charged on weekly basis and you need to arrange a Skip permit, the Skip sits on your site for the entire period of the clean up while you load it.
  • Will you disconnect or reconnect appliances, fittings & fixtures?

    No, our staff are not licensed or equipped to undertake such jobs, you need to prepare and properly stabilise all appliances or electrical equipments prior to their removal.
  • What if garden wastes have been treated with chemical do you still collect them?

    Yes. We still collect them, as the chemically treated garden material is sufficiently diluted. It will therefore not cause a problem in the composting process.
  • Why is it recommended that certain waste be separated?

    Mixing different wastes will make sorting of the waste very difficult and costly. Contamination may result in an entire load being rejected at the sorting facility and materials may not be recycled but would end up being sent to landfill. Together we could save the environment, at Junk Me we always try to recycle.
  • Will you take up jobs outside the areas you cover?

    Yes, depending on the job type, the amount of junk, time involved in doing the job and the distances we have to cover from the disposal sites. For commercial/trade contracts a special arrangement can be made by contacting our customer services or sales team. We always try to serve all customer request, you call free and we shall deal with your queries.
  • Does Health and Safety laws apply to your business?

    Yes. we are health and safety registered and take reasonable steps and efforts to protect the public from work place dangers. We pay attention to your safety at all times.
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