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Pictures Before and After Rubbish Removal

Pictures Before and After rubbish removal service is a convenient way for customers who are hard pressed with time or a means by collecting or removing junk from homes and businesses for items where the customer can leave the unwanted items of rubbish at any of the places or locations list below at the property where the Collection Operatives of Junk Me can collect the items in their absence. 

  • Front Door.
  • Near the Pavement. 
  • Front or Back Garden.
  • Front of Garage.
  • Side Entrance to Back Yard.

Junk can be collected from either of the above locations around your house or property for removal

How It Works

  1. Call Junk Me, on 07522 696 111 or Book Online a rubbish removal appointment.
  1. Book for or select PICTURES BEFOE & AFTER SERVICE.
  1. When the Removal Operatives arrive, they will call or text you, if you can’t pick the call at work or in meeting, then confirm the cost to remove the junk with you. Otherwise, costs of removal estimated on the phone when you booked for your Pictures Before & After Service. 
  1. The Collection Operatives will take Photos Before and After collection and send to your Mobile Phone text or WhatsApp for confirmation.
  1. Payment will be taken by Debit or Credit Card or Bank Details of the company sent to you to make BACs or Bank Transfer from your internet banking account.
  2. Terms and Conditions or T&Cs apply.

What We Do 

We are one of the largest on-demand rubbish removal service company, we collect unwanted items of furniture, appliances, renovations debris from wherever they are located at homes and businesses, undertaking waste collection services areas for house clearances, office, business or commercial waste collection and uplift to garage and garden rubbish collection services.

We serve most UK cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Dunfermline, Kilmarnock, Livingston, and other towns and cities surrounding these cities in Scotland and cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bradford, Sheffield, Warrington, and other towns and cities in the Northwest of England.

House and Property Clearances

We are an eco-friendly trash collection company; we recycle as much of the waste we remove without compromising the environment. For house clearance, our collection operatives will uplift couches, sofas or settee, chairs, tables, and old wardrobes for recycling. We will remove old clothing books, crockery, and other kitchen utensils for recycling. Again, old fridges, or fridge freezers, cookers, washing machines and tumble dryers will be uplifted as part of our bulky waste removal service. 

Renovation debris removal from upgrading your kitchen and bathroom space is part of our service areas, we will uplift old kitchen units, plasterboards, shingles, and other associated waste such as packaging materials for recycling.

Complete Office or Business Waste Management

We offer Complete Office or business waste management provision, we will clear items such as cardboard, boxes, old files and documents and trash, provide labour and truck to dismantle office desks, pedestals, tables, and chairs plus other bulky items such as filing cabinet and old printers and storage units. The office clearance service is for businesses moving or relocating and shutting down completely.

Garage and Yard Rubbish Removal

Junk builds up over the years through old habits, or when grown up kids have left their play items, our professional collection operatives will remove items such as old exercise bikes, treadmills, bikes, children play like old scooters, toys, old computer play gadgets, iPad, laptops, old computers, furniture including mattresses are hoarded in garages and cupboards which needs removal. We provide man and van service to clear rubbish in garages and storage areas for recycling.

Garden Rubbish Clearance

As part of our garden rubbish removal service, we will clear bushes, cutdown trees, shrubs, leaf falls, and collection any old children’s items such as old swing, play hut and other debris scatted around the garden or yard. Our garden clearance service goes further by dismantling old shed and garages for recycling. Unwanted items such as old lawnmowers, garden tools, ladder Removal are part of our junk removal service.

Always Recycling More.

When the items are collected, we recycle as much as possible by donating reusable items to charities in the UK and to developing countries to assist in alleviating poverty. Materials such as wood, metals, papers, cardboards, stones, gravel and more are given a second chance in recycling process, thereby saving the forests, water and animal resources and the preservation of air pollution. Residual waste from separation are then sent to landfill for responsible disposal.

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